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Sharing experiences and stories in circles is an ancient and universal social way of coming together. Deeply listening to each other's voices strengthens the coherence in any community as well as the quality of decision-making. Within many indigenous cultures, the awareness of the importance and power of sharing and listening has remained unchanged for generations.

In the midst of the modern world, new forms that maintain elements of the traditional circle practice have been created. For those interested in learning more, we would like to bring the following approaches and networks (in alphabetical order) to your attention. All of them are based on principles similar to those in the CoronaCircles, while at the same time adding elements and qualities to it.

Art of Hosting

Bohm Dialogue

Circle Way

Collective Presencing

Human Online

One World in Dialogue


Restorative Justice Circles

The Circle Way

The Pocket Project

  The World Café

  Ways of Council