The CoronaCircles method creates a simple and effective framework for deep encounters in digital space:

You can register for a Circle via 
You will then receive an email with a link to the online room. 
Make sure to be a few minutes early.
When you open the link, you may have to confirm that the browser is allowed to access your camera and microphone.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are technical difficulties that have to do with your browser. The CoronaCircles Techical Team has no influence on this. We strongly recommend to use Google Chrome as your browser. On your mobile you can install the jitsi-App, which you find here:

The structure of a CoronaCircle is simple and effective.
It provides a framework that helps to create a respectful and appreciative communication at eye level.

- Words of welcome
- A moment of silence
- First round: who and where am I?
- Second round: How am I doing? What do I need? What touches or inspires me? What do I long for for the future?
- Third round: What touched or inspired me? What do I take from sharing and listening in this CoronaCircle?
The following is helpful:
- Rejoicing in meeting people
- Listening benevolently and impartially
- Courage to show myself with my own feelings, worries and experiences
- Making sure that I speak about myself when I talk
- Mindful handling of what is shared
- Silence is indeed also a form of sharing
Always remember that every participant is responsible for their own security.
We can all help each other by paying attention to some basic rules:
- Opening up and showing oneself needs respect.
- Be kind, helpful and respectful with everyone and don’t interrupt.
- We strongly recommend you not to exchange personal data.
- Don’t click on any links and never share your screen.
- Don’t record what is being said, as it is forbidden by law.
- Don’t hesitate to kick out inappropriate users and report us what happened.
- Leave the call, if you notice you do not feel comfortable.
In case you are interested in learning more about the methodology behind this structure and approach, you can have a look at the references on this page: EXPLORE MORE.